Quality Objectives

We R & B Glass Industries Team are committed to meeting our on-going Quality Objectives. We continually ensure that these objectives are met by monitoring, measuring, analysing and improving our Quality Management System and we will strive to improve and focus our objectives to exceed the expectations of our customers.

This is achieved in conjunction with, but not limited to the following items.

ISO9001 - Meet requirements of ISO 9001 2008 Standard

Continually improve the effectiveness of our QMS - Periodic management review, Periodic review with Production and quality control teams.

Ensure communication and understanding of QMS - Availability and easy access of documentation to all personnel in an organised way, Training on all policies and procedures applicable to personnel, Promote cross functional transfer of knowledge and understanding.

Ensure commitment and adherence to QMS - Policy of openness to all personnel, permanent and temporary, promoting ownership and feedback, Promote team cooperation where each member of the team may coach the others, Make work enjoyable by eliminating unnecessary and/or low-value work, Provide staff with the best-of-breed resources to do job effectively.


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